Madam Yang’s New Shelter



Bank account no: 0302845001009282956 print-out June 23 2014 – August 28 2015 (printed March 15 2016)

My name is Victoria Donna Charlotte. My enemies will know that already. They will probably also know my name was Bowen before I divorced. They probably know where I live, that I worked for the Ministry of Defence,  how to hack my computer and know the shelters I help. They probably even know how to target my family if I continue in my voluntary work especially if I return to China. You are probably wondering why I am starting a blog about Madam Yang’s new shelter with such an emotive introduction. I will explain. Madam Yang has many enemies. Those that defend or try to help Madam Yang and her animals will attract those out to defame Madam Yang and will be attacked online ferociously and without mercy. These attackers are not one bit interested in helping animals or their welfare; their main object is money. And charity is big business for the unscrupulous which is aided by the inaction of those that should be overseeing the process.

For those of you who have read about Madam Yang and have been moved by her unwavering resolve to help abandoned dogs in Tianjin, and those poor souls due to be horrendously butchered at the yearly festival in Yulin, as well as those intercepted from the trucks of illegal traffickers, you may have also watched in disbelief the disgusting level so-called animal activists and charities have stooped to, to ‘rechannel’ the donations raised for Madam Yang and to have future monies deflected from her to themselves.

Madam Yang has been accused of having millions in her bank account and has, in self-defense, allowed her worldwide publicised bank account be inspected to prove there is no truth in this accusation (what happened to being innocent before proven guilty?). Her accusers will now have to change tactics and I am guessing they will now accuse her of receiving millions from overseas in cash. This, unfortunately for them, can be easily proven untrue. Madam Yang has been accused of cooking dogs herself and even being part of the Chinese mafia. Every day it seems a new and more incredible accusation is aimed at Madam Yang with absolutely no proof or substance. So I am prepared. I expect to be accused of similar things myself or worse. I expect to have many Facebook pages started by fake accounts, or blogs, or petitions written to defame me, as has been done to others. When seen these will be reported and the police will be made aware. I am going nowhere. I am here for one thing and one thing only; the dogs. So let us dance.

Madam Yang against all the odds managed to secure loans and has spent much of that money on a new, very spacious, shelter for her dogs. It comprises of four extremely large buildings joined together by a strip of land in between each. For the first time all her animals will be housed together on one site. This means less travelling for Madam Yang and she will now have more time available to care for her wards. Madam Yang wants to have a medical room built in the new shelter, pens to separate her animals and even accommodation for volunteers. She is achieving all of this despite the British charity known as ‘No To Dog Meat’ holding on to the bulk of donations collected for her, through a fundraiser which is still receiving direct debits even though it is closed, and totals to date more than £91,000.

This new shelter has not been achieved easily. Another person with less resolve and passion would have collapsed under the pressures of the personal attacks, attacks on family, friends and supporters. Instead of helping her to help her rescues, the UK charity and her enemies want to destroy and isolate her. Money does that to some people.  In her darkest moments Madam Yang has thought of giving up helping animals altogether but, like all those with a burning desire to save animals from human cruelty, she could not walk away and abandon the helpless. And here she is today. A bright, beautiful new shelter with plans to make it even better and a cast iron resolve not to be bullied into giving up. Enjoy.

Link to a picture show of moving into the new shelter



7 thoughts on “Madam Yang’s New Shelter

  1. She is finally getting somewhere after the traitorous behaviour of NTDM. It was bad enough that they raised donations for Mrs. Yang, then steal the donations, and the cherry on top was the smear campaign done to Mrs. Yang. It’s awful. But what is really awful, NTDM’s behaviour is basically condoned by the UK government. When did the world turn upside down?

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  2. Well done Mrs Yang. You are one of a kind. You have never wavered. Know this…..we are fighting for you here in the UK and EVERYWHERE, GLOBALLY and I plan global protests to spread the word. And I will continue. Without fail, with my dying passion. Because I looked. And I now know the truth. Have faith that you are not alone. We are here now, always and forever. And you Victoria. You promised me in 2015 that you would do, just what you have done. #ineverforgot. God bless you both, from the deepest part of my heart x. Please hug every single furry you have from Auntie Wendy xxx

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  3. Agree with every word you say. NoToDogMeat need to come up with a plausible reason why they are still hanging on to funds. And I can think of none. You have thrown all their excuses out of the window. And if they’re so concerned why don’t they start their own rescue? They’re quite happy to finger tap to raise funds but to actually do something? Good for you Victoria. Exposed.

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  4. NTDM’s core people are bullies. So Mrs Yang’s dogs have medical problems? Course they bloody do, it’s China for gods sake! Thank you Victoria for showing us all the truth.

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  5. I usually don’t leave comments on blogs.
    😊 but massive respect and love to you Victoria! And please keep us updated on twitter on how we can help Madam Yang

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  6. Mrs Yang has been selflessly doing everything saving every babies for years. What a strong lady and thankfully those bullies won’t ever succeed putting her down. Goodness will always win. Thank you for exposing these evils, the whole world should be aware. Take care and be always safe, Victoria.


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