Madam Yang, Yulin 2016 and Her Appeal for Help

new shelter 6

Madam Yang’s new shelter


Madam Yang will be making the arduous journey from her home town of Tianjin to Yulin, China, on the 16th June 2016 with the main aim of lobbying the Chinese authorities there to try and stop the ‘Dog Torture Festival’ from taking place this year. However, reports coming out from various sources in Yulin clearly show the horror has already begun. It has also been reported that the Chinese authorities do not take kindly to being pressurized by foreign influences to stop what they feel is an internal affair. To stand any chance of closing down the dog meat trade in China, especially in Yulin, it has to come from the Chinese people themselves. That is why supporting those charities and those individuals in China who are trying to end this abhorrent trade will have more effect than those who are not connected to China in any way whatsoever. Madam Yang, now well known to the citizens of Yulin, is the epitome of how tenacious indigenous Chinese activism could bring to an end the annual event of dreadful cruelty at Yulin.  Hopefully, the trade in dogs and cats for human consumption, that goes on year round in Yulin,  will also come under scrutiny by the local authorities if they can be persuaded to ban the infamous Yulin Lychee and Dog Meat shelter 11

Madam Yang’s new shelter


Madam Yang who is struggling to keep her shelter and dogs afloat has come under the most horrendous attacks and defamation on social media. While foreign ‘charities’ are asking quite freely for donations to help save dogs in Yulin, Madam Yang, a Chinese citizen, is too afraid to ask for help for fear of further repercussions that could harm her and her dogs. To date, the UK charity known as ‘No To Dog Meat’ is still hoarding Madam Yang’s money in their bank account, refusing to give her the remaining monies (on last viewing the fund had accumulated more than £92,000). The charity has recently hidden Madam Yang’s appeal so a running total can no longer be seen.  There is a petition for anyone to sign if they feel this matter needs investigating and can be found at:


More pictures of Madam Yang’s new shelter


I have received many requests asking me how can people donate to Madam Yang and with a heavy heart I have to say Madam Yang informed me she does not want to handle donated money. When I visited Madam Yang in March of this year it was very clear that some of her dogs needed treatment for skin problems and of course all the animals needed a vet visit to bring them up to date with vaccinations etc. Dogs fed on extremely poor quality food, when money is tight, will be far more prone to skin complaints and illness and I worry that if Madam Yang is too scared to ask for help her wards will suffer further. Madam Yang has been informed of the many kind people who wish to donate and she has given me permission to collect donations on her behalf. Madam Yang however wants all the money to go to pay for services directly, such as vets and pet food suppliers, she under no circumstances wants to receive money.  I have informed Madam Yang that I will send her a weekly update on how the fundraiser is going and that I will be visiting her again in Tianjin to make all the necessary arrangements to pay for suppliers direct.

I hope you will join me in supporting Mrs Yang’s dogs to enjoy a better quality of life that can only realistically be achieved with a determined plan of ongoing aid.  If you wish to donate to Madam Yang and her animals please send to:  I have set up a separate bank account to receive the money  which is linked to this PayPal account both are in my name and publication of proof of the income and expenditure will be made on a regular shelter 7

More work is still needed at the new shelter, but Madam Yang is definitely on the right track


18 thoughts on “Madam Yang, Yulin 2016 and Her Appeal for Help

  1. I will definitely pay a visit to the UK thieves site and spread the word about stealing donations. Karen Gifford will be a great source of new contacts and support. Does Madam Yang have anyone helping with these dogs, surely she cannot do this alone? Do you have a twitter account? Mine is @redrobin11261. I am new in that medium but I will try to tweet your blog. I agree 100% that for lasting change, for a swift change it must come from the condemnation of the people. I know of only one, and then I cannot recall the name. The Yulin Murder Festival is in the spotlight at the moment but there is South Korea to compete with. Most horrific this abhorrent industry no matter where it can be found. I will be following you and if there is anything you can think of that I can do to help, letters, tweeting, posting to my FB page, whatever I can do from America, let me know.


      1. I tweeted the link to the petition regarding the money as well as positng your blog on my facebook page. I’ll do anything to help Madam Yang suceed, if others see what she can do, perhaps they too will stand up for what is obviously wrong.

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  2. Sorry if my question is stupid, are their cats or small dogs saved in China available for adoption to France? Is that possible? Thank you.


    1. Bo Ai Animal Protection Centre Of Guangyuan has dogs that can go to france. they have a facebook where u can contact them


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